Haiku Friday, 1/29/2016.


Alright, here we are at Friday already. I read the prompts and immediately thought of an old memory from my time in the boy scouts. Don’t hate, my troop was awesome.


Bird screams it’s last,

a final trill Murderous sling

in hand, I eat well.

As always, this is for Ronovan at:


See you all next week!


3 thoughts on “Haiku Friday, 1/29/2016.

    • One of the things my scout troop used to do in order to test its members, was leave the prospective kid alone in the woods (they did watch, but I didn’t know that at the time) with an egg, a knife, 2 matches, and some string… for a weekend. The challenge was to survive. You could of course, survive with just the egg… or you could survive in style.

      I survived in style.

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