Haiku Friday, 11/27/2015.


Alright, another week, another poem:

– I. D. –

Freely give, moments

of legally shared life, time

before the murder.

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See you next week, with luck!


Writer’s quote Wednesday, 11/25/2015.


Alright, I really feel this guy needs no introduction, so no birth dates or death dates. He is a literary Giant responsible for much of the Fantasy fiction scene as it stands, a friend to C.S. Lewis, held down a job as a professor at Oxford, and was a veteran of world war 1. Without further ado, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien:

“It’s the job that’s never started as takes longest to finish.” – JRR Tolkein.

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See you next week, and happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it or not)!

Tuesday’s Tale, 11/24/2015… but not really.


Alright, so normally I try and do a writing challenge here. Five minutes on the clock to see how many quality words I can get done, with no safety net. Well not today, today I’m going to go back to something I used to do on Tuesdays: a status update.

My novel for nanowrimo is proceeding; currently at 30,000 words and growing. it won’t be ready in time of course, but I’m still trying.

A group project that I’ve been participating in for a year has recently taken off, and was announced. Nothing concrete has been published/posted by the group yet, but hopefully by the end of the year.

So, things are kind of looking up over here. How are things for all of you?

Writer’s quote Wednesday, 11/18/2015.


Alright, so I missed last week; my bad. To make up for it here is a timely quote from a timely author. Born on October 24 1788, she was an influential writer and editor, nowadays known mostly for her nursery rhyme “Mary had a little lamb.” She also worked as an editor… and championed the holiday of Thanksgiving. She died April 30th 1879.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the most timely quote of the day!

“There is small danger of being starved in our land of plenty; but the danger of being stuffed is imminent.” – Sarah Josepha Hale.

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See you all next week… well unless something happens and I miss it again!

Tuesday’s Tale, 11/17/2015.


Alright, getting right to it, and five minutes are up.


The lander exhibit was one of the old Apollo landers, he was never sure which one. It could even have been one of the old NASA mockups designed to train astronauts and test them for claustrophobia. The plaque explaining the history of the lander was bolted to a pedestal on the side, but for some reason or another he never bothered to check. He wouldn’t this time, either; there were too many suited people in the way.

The hair on the back of his neck raised. He was pretty sure that meant sniper, somewhere.

And in the middle like a living centerpiece, was the ex-client, Mr. Smith. In person, which seemed pretty arrogant, but not totally unexpected. If anything, it made it easier to manipulate the situation. The man didn’t waste any time.

“Where is the stone.”

“It’s close, but not on me, of course.”

Modulating his voice took a little more effort than he was used to; apparently ingesting weird rocks was bad for the throat.

“Tell me where it is.”

“Are you really that stupid? Of course I’m not going to do that. I do, and your sniper shoots me in the back of the head.”

The flinch told him he was right, not that it was a big stretch.

“Here is how it works. You pay me the rest of what you owe me, and then your goon squad walks. Then and only then will I tell you where the stone is.”

The secret to a successful negotiation was to assume and bargain from a position of strength, even if you had none.


And time! Five minutes exactly again, and I’ll see you all next week.

Haiku Friday, 11/13/2015.


Alright, so here we go. I like these prompts a little more than last week, and almost went in a totally different direction, but I needed the pleasant wildlife scene in my head:

-Lakes of Gold-

Gold drenches bright lakes

sun kisses white feathers, fish

flee from hungry cranes.

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Hope you enjoyed it, and see you next time!