Tuesday’s Tale, 2/2/2016.


Alright, hopefully, the great wide world out there knows the drill by now: I write fiction for 5 minutes and see how far I can go. The story comes out every Tuesday, and so far has been a linear tale, so if you want to start at the beginning you have to go back. For now, five minutes are on the clock.

Breakfast made him drowsy; he didn’t like that at all. Wanting to curl up into a ball on his soft bed and go back to sleep just made him feel lazy. Josh was packing, but he didn’t need to. He had complete sets of disguises and gear at every safe house in the city, and even though he’d burned three so far, he had a few left.

He would probably run out of safe houses before he found the man seeking his life, but the fool had made one mistake; he had come in person.

Of course, there was not guarantee that the man who had been screaming for his head was, in fact, the angry client – but his instinct told him that if he wasn’t, he was the man’s second in command, which would be a fine starting point to track the man down. The second mistake made was not checking for cameras; he had several very good photos of everyone involved in that meet yesterday.

A simple image match in every database he could reasonably reach from his laptop should provide the answer soon enough.

Feeling bone weary, he let the search run and curled back up on his bed. Josh would no doubt get him when it was time to leave.


That’s it for now, time spent was four minutes and thirty-seven seconds. See you all next time.



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