Tuesday’s Tale, 11/7/2017.


Alright, back to the normal grind. Five minutes on the clock, and away we go. Where was I, again? Oh right, the docks.

The docks were on fire of course, in spots. He skirted those places and went past several craft to the first boat he could tell was made of metal, a very nice looking yacht with an unpainted hull; copper unless he missed his guess.

He didn’t hesitate to climb aboard and checked it. It was empty but ready. There was no time to worry about provisioning.

The harbor was filled with ships, all milling about in it. Most of them were too big to survive, but this ship might make it long enough… if he managed to sail it through the fools and out to sea. He hadn’t been sailing in years, but if there was any time to remember, it was now.

The yacht had both a sail and an engine, and now was not the best time to try using the sail. He cast off the ropes and ran back to the wheel and pressed the starter; the engine roared to life.

And that’s it for this week! Total time elapsed is right at five minutes. See you next week.


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