Tuesday’s Tale, 10/24/2017.


Here we are again, five minutes on the clock; let’s see how far we get.

The door rattled in its frame. Cheryl stared at it blankly as he cast about. The only way out was a window. They had gotten up the stairs so fast!

“Come on!” He grabbed Cheryl, and all but flung her out the open window onto a porch roof, following just as the door started to give.

He didn’t stop, grabbing her hand again and flinging them both from the roof, holding her close and taking the brunt of the impact on his back. It lit up like fire, but he ignored the pain, scrambling up and away.

He had to tug before Cheryl would follow, but he did so as gently as possible. She was not as tough as he was, and the last thing he wanted was to see her hurt.

The sounds of pursuit caught up quickly, even as they stayed ahead. They had bought some time, but they needed a place to hide. Houses were too obvious, structures of any kind were too obvious, but what else was there?

Nothing. Trees were no cover at all, not for them, and he didn’t know of any caves. He would just have to go to the next house in line and pray it had better hiding spots than the first.

And that’s it. I admit it, I went over a bit this time, darn the last sentence. Total time is five minutes and three seconds. See you next week with the conclusion of this, with luck.


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