Tuesday’s Tale, 10/25/2016.


Well, next week October will be done. So I think I’m going to go ahead and finish the little ghost story I had started. If you want to add something after sansei, I don’t mind, but I think this will be the end for me. (For those of you who don’t know, I’m talking about my partner in crime for this little tale,

And now, on with the show! Can I complete it in five minutes? Let’s find out!

He saw it was the previous owner, the one who had hanged himself, just as the stories had said! With camera four down he still had one active camera covering the stairs. He should have the evidence he needed – if he could survive the next five minutes.

He was able to physically grab the jaws, which was amazing in more ways than one; he was actually touching a ghost, and he was able to keep the ghost from tearing out his jugular as it lunged. Then between one breath and the next, the ghost was gone.

He took a few scratches but managed to get up, broken ankle and all, and hobble to the living room; his assistant was there.

Standing in front of a table, a bottle in hand, drunk as a lord. He frowned; drinking could only skew the results, what was he doing? He was muttering something, and staring fixedly at a specific patch of floor.

“I should have gotten here sooner. I’m sorry, William. I’m so so sorry.”

The patch of floor was scrubbed clean in a way the rest of the floor wasn’t, but a few traces of the chalk outline could still be seen.

“At least you did it, William. Even if no one believed you, your death showed everyone that ghosts were real. The footage faked, my ass! I wouldn’t even know how to fake that!”

He subsided and took a long pull from the bottle of vodka. The ghost appeared, next to William, and grinned.

And that’s it! Small confession, I went two seconds over. so 5:02, just this once. See you in November!


Haiku Friday, 10/21.2016.


In fitting with the season, this one is kind of dark. You have been warned.


She bathed in the light

Hunter by the Moon, searching

for innocent blood.

As always this is for Ronovan at:


And there you have it, have a good weekend!

Tuesday’s Tale, 10/18/2016.


Alright, so bet everyone thought I forgot or something? Surprise, I didn’t! Five minutes on the clock, and the spookiness continues. I’m also continuing the challenge thrown down by sanaseilife at https://sanseilife.wordpress.com/

The figure at the end of the hall rapidly resolved itself as something inhuman when it turned, all the bones cracking loudly like bundles of dry twigs as they bent in odd angles. The face, masked by long hair, had only one feature visible – a mouth that showed more in common with a shark than a human. Between one blink and the next, it was there, mere feet from him, well within range to do damage.

In spite (or maybe because) of his better judgement he was already back down the stairs, twisting an ankle painfully on the landing. Looking around wildly revealed no pursuit, from anywhere.

The camera was still out, though. He mounted the stairs again, cautiously… the hall was empty. The lights still sucked, but they seemed brighter. He brought out his temperature meter, and it read normal; consistent with his earlier readings. The EMF reader read normal too, just background stuff.

The camera was unplugged.

And that’s it, right at 5 min! see you next week!

Tuesday’s Tale, 10/11/2016.


Alright, I survived the first spooky week, so another installment: five minutes on the clock, and away we go!

At midnight there was nothing. At 12:01 there was nothing. He scanned the cameras, disappointed.

Then at 12:04 camera four, the one covering the upstairs hall, went out. Just cut completely to black, no picture at all. The other cameras were working fine, recording a whole lot of nothing for posterity. He shrugged; camera four was his oldest, and it probably just died from a loose connection or something, like the last four times. He really should just give in and buy a new one, but he simply didn’t have the cash.

If he didn’t find a ghost here, he’d have to sell all his gear anyway, just to pay bills; the life of a ghost hunter. The truth may be out there, but it hid itself well.

With a shrug, he got up. He had to let his assistant go, and the unpaid intern had a job and hadn’t made it here yet, if he was coming at all. So he was his own tech support, and finding out what was wrong with the camera fell on him.

The old house was barely lit, hailing from the days when light bulbs had been made like candle sconces, to replace candle sconces. He made his way carefully up the creaky old claustrophobic staircase the servants were to use; it was made for someone a foot smaller and fifty pounds lighter, ideally. He crested the landing and the ill-lit halway stretched before him.

And that’s it! exactly five minutes again, I’m getting better at judging that I think. See you next week!

Tuesday’s tale, 10/4/2016.


Alright, one person took me up on my challenge; the rest of you are slackers. :p

Sanseilife, you and me against the world. Or something like that.

I’m going to do something different again. It’s October, the month of horror and my favorite season, so we’re going to put space on hold and go with horror for a bit. I apologize to all those that don’t like the genre, but I love it, so I’m doing it. Five minutes on the clock, and away we go!

The clock ticked, counting down. Twelve minutes to midnight; he had made sure it was accurate, syncing it up with the atomic clock in case all his electronic devices lost power. It hadn’t happened yet in any of his investigations, but there was always a first time and he refused to cut corners. The digital clock next to it showed the same time.

He scanned the monitors; nothing. He had every room and hallway wired for sight and sound two different ways, but there was no sign of life (or unlife) to see, and only the standard creaks and groans of an old house settling as the night cooled.

It was too early to pack it in yet, though; he wasn’t sure why all ghosts and spooks seemed to prefer midnight, but the stories were universal in that nothing happened before the appointed time, whether it be midnight or the less common but still preferred three a.m. He had a long night and a date with a thermos of coffee ahead of him, just like the last four places.

Hopefully, this one would be the one.

And that’s it for now, see you next week! Time was five minutes exactly, and ghosts! WooOOOOOooooo!

Haiku Friday, 9/30/2016.


Alright, been busy with other projects, but procrastination is a bad thing, so here we are, back with another Friday poem.

-winter preparations-

Piled high next to nuts
the leaves make a warm mattress
squirrel home complete.

And there you have it. As always, this is for Ronovan at:


See you next week!