Haiku Friday, 4/29/2016.


Alright, another Friday, another poem.


Long intense pressure

makes diamonds, pearls come from

mollusc farms: less rare.

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday, 4/27/2016.


Alright, trying a flash fiction here to match a quote, as requested:

He stared at the monitor. The TPS reports were screwed up, again. all of them; not a single one was showing the correct totals. And just like always, when the TPS reports were screwed up, she was to blame. The new girl; the intern, the idiot. He flagged the reports, then set about correcting them… then paused. Obviously, her manager wasn’t teaching her to do these correctly, or the lessons weren’t taking.

He paged her. “Susan, could you come to my office please?”

She appeared at his door later, a mousy looking brunette peeking around his office door as if to gauge his mood before entering. She spoke up when she saw he was looking. “You wanted to see me, sir?”

“Yes Susan, come in. Grab a seat. No, come around the desk here.”

She gaped openly at him for a moment. “Is there something wrong, sir?” Her look changed to dread when she noticed her TPS reports open on his computer screen.

“Yes, but we’re correcting that.”

Patiently, he showed her how to write up the report and plug in the numbers so they totaled correctly. It beat firing her.


The quote is: “Don’t find fault, find a remedy.” – Henry Ford.

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Tuesday’s tale, 4/26/2016.


Alright, again, not a single comment or suggestion; no desire at all by anyone out there, huh? I guess no one is actually reading what I write. That’s fine, I suppose; means I can write whatever I want, however I want, and just dial it in. Yes, I am just a bit frustrated. I won’t be giving up, though. I’ve got an idea, and I think it’s a good one.

I just may or may not be posting it here.

At any rate, on with the standard show. Five minutes on the clock, and away we go:

She lunged forward in a blink and grabbed the gun, cradling her small frame around it; but it had been a trap. The other hand, the one in his coat, must have been holding a syringe because she felt a needle poke her in the leg; she had to move before he got a chance to inject whatever it was into her.

Josh hadn’t managed to cross the distance yet, and the gun wavered, but focused back on him. When the first gunman, a mercenary with familiar looking body armor and rifle but bearing a taser of all things, she knew the jig was up.

Dropping to all fours she sprinted past the gunman and down the hall; the windows in the clinic room they had been in were covered with wire mesh, but the halls and the other rooms were clear. A taser dart impacted the wall as she uncoiled herself through the window at the end of the hall, catching the rope one of the gunmen had left to bleed momentum. Why they did a roof entry on an old warehouse ground floor, she would probably never know.

There were a few spotters, but nothing like a cordon and she could hardly get snagged off the busy street. she was out.

But Josh was still inside; captured. She would have to correct that.

And conveniently enough, that’s time, right at five minutes. See anyone watching and reading next week!

Haiku Friday, 4/22/2016.


Alright, another Friday, and another poem. Where are all the months going?

-Not a planet-

In the biting cold,

across great distances, Sun

view from Pluto, Moon.


And that’s it. I tried to work the name of Pluto’s moon, Charon, into it… but couldn’t really, which kinda sucks. Anyway, this is for Ronovan over at:


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Writer’s Quote Wednesday, 4/20/2016.


This quote is, from all things, a Vaudeville star turned actress. It wasn’t supposed to be, I started out looking for another presidential quote, something nice and pompous sounding… but this one spoke to me.

Born in August 17th, 1893, Mary Jane West (or Mae West, as she became known) started out in Vaudeville before becoming an actress, songwriter, screenplay writer, and comedian in Hollywood. Her career spanned seven decades and is widely considered one of the top 15 female stars in Hollywood history. People tried to censor her, as she was not exactly the most shy or prudish of women, but she managed to either find a job or move. She died November 22nd, 1980.  And here we go, the quote that so captured my interest:

“An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.” – Mae West.

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#WQWWC – Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – Mystery!

Yes, I know Silver is changing things up, but I had this one picked out already, so I’m going with it. I’ll see what I can do about following the new format next week. Until then, see you later!

Tuesday’s Tale, 4/19/2016.


This weeks Tuesday’s Tale isn’t a tale at all, but a choose your own adventure. After weeks of soul searching lack of voting, I finally decided I will go the web serial route. So this week? You all get to vote on what you’d like to see me write a web serial about. Anything at all, and the top vote will get my best attempt, even if I’ve never done something like it before.

Well, anything but erotica, because I don’t want to risk getting banned and I’d be terrible at it. Really, trust me on that. So… actually comment with a vote this time, okay?


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