Tuesday’s Tale, 12/5/2017.


Alright, so I missed a week. I’m sorry about that, but you should all be used to it by now. I’m here now at least, to finish what I started, one installment at a time. So five minutes on the clock and away we go:

The incoming waves were not as large as he feared; of course not, the truly monstrous waves would come later. Still, those he found his bow turned to were more than enough for his tiny craft, at one misstep.

The smarter ship captains of ships both large and small were already where he was, out to sea. The others had been making steam for the pier and were still in the harbor.

He could understand it, though. Even this far out he could still hear the screams, small and tinny with distance. He sawed the rudder into the next wave and kept going, hoping the charcoal in is mask would hold out long enough.

And that’s it for now, total time spent is five minutes even. Not my finest flash chapter, but you can’t win them all I guess.