Writer’s Quote Wednesday, 9/30/2015.


So, another break from the old guys, and slightly younger old guy. This guy was born on Christmas day in 1642. He only did a few things in his life… like lay the groundwork for classical mechanics, lay the groundwork for modern physics, and co-create one of my least favorite forms of math, calculus. He died the 20th of march in 1726, but he never ran out of things to say. Like this gem, for example:

“My powers are ordinary. Only my application brings me success.” – Sir Isaac Newton.

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Tuesday’s tale, 9/29/2015.


Alright, I’m alive. Time to just get right to it. Five minutes on the clock:

The time passed in a blur. It seemed the standard procedure for heavy metal poisoning was to poison you more. He actually felt more sick as things progressed, and couldn’t tell if it was from the poison itself or the treatment.

He was quite positive that he was delirious, but he couldn’t prove it. He kept seeing something just at the edge of his vision, and always behind him. Even when he managed to drag himself in the corner of the room, it stayed so.

He caught nothing more than snatches of conversation, and he wasn’t sure if they were real or manufactured.

“….he’s not getting any better; what’s going on?”

“This isn’t any poison I’ve ever seen. The properties….”

Well, that was worrying, for whoever they were talking about.

The doc needed to stop playing with the air conditioning; it was hot and cold by turns, and the switch seemed to happen in seconds. Even when the doc did something to the IV in his arm, which somehow had managed to stay in when he moved, he floated above it all, conscious.

Well, mostly conscious.

There we go, that’s it for today! Time is four minutes, 24 seconds. See you next time!

Tuesday’s tale, 9/22/2015.


Alright, another Tuesday, another set of the tale. Does anyone wonder where it’s going yet? or how long it’ll end up being? I have about as much clue on that as the rest of you; this is all instinct for me so far. At any rate, five minutes on the clock, and here we go:

He didn’t have long to wait, though it seemed longer. He could actually swing his legs from on top of the hospital style check up bed, so he did so. Something had to be wrong with him, he never used to fidget before, no matter how routinely things went to hell around him. It was unprofessional. This wasn’t even the worst or most dangerous situation he’d been in.

But now, he felt…restless. Yes, that was it.

Josh was waiting outside; he could hear the pacing. Normally he would open the door and tell the other man to stop, but he was hardly in the familiar position of strength regarding nervous behavior that he normally was, even if Josh didn’t know that.

The Doctor entered, and he stared straight into the closed off face. Bad news, then. The doctor went right to it, something that his clients no doubt appreciated.

“The analyzation of the stone will take some time. It resists easy classification, and there seem to be no viral or bacteriological vectors on the outside surface.”

He thought.

“So on the inside, or the stone itself causes illness. How could an inert rock cause something like this?”

The doctor shook his head. Not surprising he was lost. Even for a doctor in his line of work, this sort of thing probably didn’t come up every day.

“The only possibility is some sort of metallurgical origin.”

“So, heavy metals poisoning?”

“Of a type. I can’t place the metal involved, but it does seem to follow many of the criteria. I’d like to try the standard treatments for such to see if you improve.”

What was he supposed to say to that?

“Fine. Let’s get started.”

While they still could.

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Crass Commerce Thursday.


Alright, I debated about this, but I decided I’d do it anyway. As some of you out there may know, I write books. And while I’m not a huge professional at it yet, I do self-publish them, doing the best I can with what I know.

Two days ago I published the 5th in one of my long-standing series. It’s called Room in Hell, and if you search the past blogs I’ve made, one of the first was a blurb from it. It’s only 20k words, like the rest of the books I have out (which means it’s more of a pamphlet, really) and is very roughly done, with an intriguing but low quality cover.

Despite all that, I think it’s good; hope springs eternal I guess. Anyway, if you like how I do what I do, and are so inclined, check it out. And The past ones too if you want. You can even leave comments and feedback here if you so desire.

Anyway, it’s on Amazon, and you can find it and any of my other stuff by simply using my pen name (Nagrij) as a keyword.

P.S. If the commercial nature of this post turns you off, my apologies.

Writer’s Quote Wednesday, 9/16/2015.


Here we are. Way way back into the old-ness, for an old guy that predates Socrates. Born 490 B.C. (he died in 430 B.C.) He was a member of the Eleatic school under Parmenides. He was best known for his paradoxes.

“…but what has been said once can always be repeated.” – Zeno of Elea.

Not to be confused with the other Zeno. This one is a little hit and run that gets more profound the more your think on it, at least to me. As always, this is for:


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Tuesday’s Tale, 9/15/2015.


Alright, I’m feeling much better, so on with the show! Five minutes on the clock:

Josh swung the car left just as the SUV swung right, heading into the other lane, into oncoming traffic. But he avoided the SUV, which managed to head on the concrete divider. He fought down the momentary stab of gratitude, trying to keep a level head.

“There is a burner car 4 blocks from us, in the parking garage. Elisworth and Main, right side.”

“Got it.”

Josh swerved back into the proper lane and merged with traffic. Despite efforts to blend in, they both knew it was only a matter of time before the police or worse caught up with them.

They made it to the garage, a fully automated one, and drove until they found the car. It was pretty obvious, as the car cover was stained in bird crap and bat guano both. He hadn’t checked the thing in months, but it should still be valid.

There was no way it could be traced; after all, he had set it up a few identities ago, under a completely false identity of its own. He tore the cover off and Josh whistled. He didn’t see why; it was just an old Toyota after all. Completely unremarkable.

They got in and drove away, careful to use the exit opposite the one they entered. The rest of the ride to the clinic was uneventful and soothing.

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday, 9/9/2015.


Alright, I’m back and that means a return of the old guys. Back to the Greeks again, for one of the first cynics ever to live, back before that was a somewhat pejorative term.

This particular old guy was a student of Socrates, born in 445 B.C. He founded the cynic movement, and wrote a book on ethics. He died 365 B.C.

“As iron is eaten away by rust, so the envious are consumed by their own passion.” – Antisthenes.

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