Tuesday’s Tale, 9/27/2016.


The end of September already? Time is sure flying. I’m going to mix it up today; no flash fiction. I’m really just not feeling it today, so instead I’m going to ask you to do it for me. How about anyone out there who might be watching, try to write something in five minutes yourselves? I don’t care how good or bad it may be, just write it and link it to me below this post, if you will.

If enough people do it, maybe I’ll do something nice for next week. So come on, show me you can do this too, and convince me.


Writer’s Quote Wednesday, 9/21/2016.


Well, the last one, huh? Alright, I can respect the need to go full force on books; I’m doing it myself after all. But I can set aside my own silly excuses and make the effort here, one last time.

I’m going to use the old format, though, as trying to write a flash fiction is currently beyond me.

The most pertinent quote I could find for this is from someone we Americans should know well. A four-time​ Olympic medal winner, she was born in 1980 in Panorama city. She was on ‘the apprentice’ and inducted into the women’s hockey hall of fame last year. I give you one Angela Ruggieri, someone who should be an inspiration to many if not all.

“It feels right. but it’s emotional. Saying goodbye to anything you’ve done that long is hard.” – Angel Ruggieri.

As fitting as it gets for a swan song. As always, this is for:

#WQWWC – Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Farewell”

I guess I won’t be seeing everyone involved next week – so good luck in your endeavors and have fun in life.

Tuesday’s Tale, 9/20/2016.


Yes, I know, technically it’s no longer Tuesday. Blame my internet service provider. So, five minutes on the clock and away we go!

The first clue that things weren’t going to go as easily for him as he’d hoped, was the alarm. The alarm was an old-fashioned affair that made a lot of noise every time the radar achieved a solid lock on a ship while his own ship was landed. He rolled out of bed with a crash and looked at the display.

There shouldn’t be any sort of ship in system other than his, especially not now; the planet had been declared off limits pending investigation, and any investigation would use him since he was already here and a legal agent and scout.

But there was a ship. The radar was tracking course corrections. He flipped a switch and went dark before the other ship could scan and find him. The IFF didn’t show any registered legal number, which meant one thing; pirates. And not the fun kind from holo-vids or amusement parks.

The ship was big enough to hold a dozen comfortably, judging by the size; far larger and in all likelihood better armed than his ship. He didn’t want to try facing them in the air. But that meant he had to let them land.

And there you have it, conflict added to the tale. See you next week, internet willing.

Tuesday’s Tale, 9/13/2016.


On time and under budget this week. So, five minutes on the clock and away we go!

The message was waiting for him; the console blinking red. At least he had disabled the stupid chime it used; that noise was irritating. The message was a simple text one in a code used exclusively by the company he worked for; unless the code had been hacked, this was clearly from his bosses. What it wasn’t, was a surprise.

“Cease all further operations. Remain planetside pending review.”

Short, sweet, to the point, and covered their butts. Since it was likely he had already sent the samples and started the survey, they would have his data, and be able to point to the message as plausible deniability. He shrugged; they had done as much before, and it basically amounted to a paid vacation for him. If the legal wrangling with the conservators​ went on long enough the company would ship food and water to him as part of the deal, provided he didn’t move; if they won in court, then he secured first rights for them by landing first and squatting.

Since he was no off the clock, after a short nap he decided to go on a nature hike, purely on his own time and for his own reasons.

And that’s it, four minutes, thirty-six seconds. See you next week, and enjoy!

Tuesday’s Tale, 9/6/2016.


Rolling into September already; tempus fugit. Well, no one answered my question last Tuesday, and that makes me a bit sad. But the show must go on, so on we go: five minutes on the clock and a keyboard in front of me.

He found the deposits, right at the end of his buggy’s range, as planned.

What he hadn’t planned for was the sight down below. There were plants and animals down there, some type of grasses and maybe a reptile, some insects. He was no biologist but none of it looked very advanced to him; like something from the dawn of life on Earth, when creatures were just beginning to crawl up out of the oceans, only much smaller than that.

The biggest plant didn’t come up to his waist, and the biggest animal looked like some sort of unholy fusing of a snake and gecko, with a snake’s tail and gecko arms attached to a face dominated by a wide but thin mouth.

It wrapped it’s tiny hands around a cactus spine, as he watched, and slowly gummed it. Eating it? Something else?

That was a job for the science division. All he had to do was confirm the mineral deposits were there. This he did, recording the site and taking samples. Some of the animals capered around him, curious, but none approached close enough to be a threat.

The snake-gecko thing followed him as far as his buggy, then bolted when he started it up. He raised an eyebrow; it was electric, the noise wasn’t THAT bad. Everyone was a critic it seemed, even out here.

The ride back was uneventful, and his ship was where he left it. He breathed easier; his part in what was to come was basically over.

And that’s it this week, time is five minutes exactly. See you next time!

Haiku Friday, 9/2/2016.


Alright, I actually made it! I can post something! (It’s hard than you might think at the moment.) So here we go, a poem for Friday.

-Skipping, or not-

Stone joins family
hidden, submerged in cold wet.
Still river runs deep.

And there you have it. Short, sweet, and to the point. As always, this is for Ronovan at:

See about seeing you next week. Hopefully it won’t be as difficult.