Tuesday’s Tale, 11/1/2017.


Almost too late with this one, (heh) but here it is, the conclusion of the Halloween tale, a day late and a dollar short. Five minutes on the clock, and let’s see if we can write an out here.

They were waiting at the next house, and the house after that one; all the while, those behind the pair were closing in, he could feel it.

“Here! He’s here!”

No! He was so close! They were so close!

“Now stranger, just let go of Michelle, and we promise you’ll live to see the dawn.”

His questing eyes found no escape, they had been hemmed in on all sides.

“Whose blood is that on him?”

“Poor thing looks like she’s in shock!”

“Its Jared’s blood, he tried to stop this guy and got his head caved in for his trouble.”

“You sure we gotta take him back for trial?”

There was but one thing left to do. He could not bear to see her part, and he could no longer take her.

But he could take a part.

he unfurled his wings; the mob stepped back as one, and a gun went off. Luckily it missed him and took one of his tormentors instead.

A quick yank, a melodic scream, and her delicate limb was all his as took flight. Some few shots from noisy guns rang out, but he felt no pain, because his love was with him – or some of her anyway.

And that is it, this one is in the can!Hope you like the ending as much as I do. I will return next week with my cataclysm jaunt, see you then.


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