Tuesday’s Tale, 10/17/2017.


Alright, a slight story switch up, because it’s horror time. For those of you following this blog who don’t know, I’m a horror fanatic, but I’m also bad at writing it. So every year around this time I like to flex that muscle and get better. So, the previous story is on hold, and today we go a bit cliche.

He slammed the door and looked around quickly. “The chair!”

She didn’t move, instead stared at the chair blankly.

“Cheryl, the chair! Get me the chair!”

She dragged the chair over the floor noisily, the bat in her other hand held close to her chest.

He took the chair from her as soon as it was in range and propped it under the door. Just in time, as the first loud batterings sounded against it. He knew it wouldn’t hold long, but with luck, he and Cheryl wouldn’t need long.

“Come on!” He grabbed her hand.

Together they went up, up the stairs and down the hall. There was no need to try for silence, instead, they needed speed.

The master bedroom of the old house had a more sturdy door than the one they just left, and it had a lock too, which was a plus.

And that’s it for this week, see you next week with more of this. Until then, have a good week!


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