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A picture is worth a thousand words, it is said.These are a few of the pictures I’ve used as book covers. I realize they are low quality, but I like the touch of old world class, and the subject matter is relevant to the writing. Anyone want to tell me what they think?


1/18/2015 blogging 101 assignment; prompts.


Let me first start out by saying, I haven’t really had a problem in getting writer’s block yet, and therefore don’t see a reason to think of or deal with prompts designed to move one past such.

Yes a snide tongue sticking out of my mouth to you all, I am so much better at ideas than all of you! (But not really, my problem is actually too much, not too little, and that can be every bit as bad. Don’t hate me because I joke!)

But in order to do this assignment, I had to pick one, and I chose this:

The last time I wrote anything substantive is… this morning.You see, I’m a bit crazy. I write a version of cliff’s notes on actual paper to every story I write, because my memory is terrible.

This notebook contains pages of information on brainstorming, actual ideas, and the characters and plots involved. It’s a hard copy version of a form of bible. Yes I have a hard drive and flash drive with all that information too, but I like redundant back ups, just in case.

So, for me the age of the pen isn’t quite dead yet. Maybe in another 20 years.

Blogging 101 assignment.


As anyone who has visited this blog knows, I’m learning how to do this, I’m not a pro. The assignment this time is to blog on another blog; something that I felt strongly enough about to comment on.

The blog dejour is this one: and the blog is “why stories sit on the shelf.”

My comment to the blog at the time was “How do you tell the difference?” As in, how do you tell the difference between a story you want to shelve and a story you can keep working on.

Her answer was enlightening, to say the least. But it brought out a fundamental difference in the type of people we are. I can’t save anything in the way Amy Inverness does.

My own insanity will eventually lead me to purge it. I have to trick myself, and put a story out into the ether somewhere, or it gets burned.

I did that to a good 15 years worth of stories and poems, and I don’t see a way to stop that process without a little cheating. Even editing my own works makes my fingers itch for the delete key. I have to fight that urge almost daily.

The cheating of course, means that anyone who knows where to look can benefit, by seeing what I’m up to.

So, assignment time.


For those of you that don’t know, I signed up to a blog learning course. In it I am supposed to sharpen my skills at writing as well as learn how to blog in general. The current assignment is to write a blog to my “dream reader”.

What a loaded phrase; do I even know who my “dream reader” is?

It took me a matter of some hours and a bit of sleeping on the problem before I came up with the answer. I am a writer, but my dream reader is not an editor or publisher willing to go to bat for my work (though that would be nice).

My dream reader is not the rabid fan that follows me religiously everywhere I go.

I won’t turn either type of reader down, nor any other that wishes to grace my humble page with their traffic and attention. But my real dream reader is that open minded fiction lover who I haven’t converted yet.

It is my enduring hope that those people out there that have yet to give me a try do so, even if my humble scribblings don’t seem to be for them. At first glance due to tags on the work or whatever, it may not seem to be for everyone. Well, it is. At least everyone who likes fiction at all.

Not going to lie; I am going to be as refreshingly up front as I can. It’s my desire to make a good living doing this. Whether being published by a publishing company, or through blogging, or even self publishing.

The reason for this is I’m poor and jobless, have issues getting a job for health reasons, and seem to have a marketable skill. That said, I don’t want to beg on the internet; I want to offer value for value.

I want to entertain you, dear dream reader… I want to entertain you so well that you will throw money my direction with a smile and glad heart, content that your contribution will keep me doing the one thing you now want me to do – write for you.