Tuesday’s Tale, 9/12/2017.


It’s happening! I’m posting two weeks in a row! It’s a miracle!

Enough of that; five minutes on the clock, and away we go.

His hand crept to his service pistol; an old Beretta, it had been his from his days in the army and rose with him through the ranks. He was glad he’d kept it, now, and glad he’d went to the range on a few days off.

“What are you doing? Stop following me.”

The others milled, wasting precious seconds. he turned to leave, keeping one eye their way in case of attack. There was no time to waste on the dead; he’d done everything he could.

They started again, almost as one, but this time one of the younger men outpaced the others by a few steps – not enough to get close enough to be a threat, but close enough to be heard. He was perhaps twenty-five, dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers with an Oakland Raiders cap jammed firmly over his thick brown hair.

“Everyone else fought to get above ground, away from the tremors and possible collapse. You fought to go down; why?”

“Ash. There’s no time for this; try to stop me, and I’ll shoot you.”

He felt some regret saying those words, looking to the earnest young man, watching him fall back with his hands up, clearly afraid.

“Hey man, it’s cool, I won’t try anything. But what do you mean, ash? You know what’s going on?”

…and just like that, five minutes even. Sometimes I hate my time limit; I was just starting to get to the good part!

Oh well, there is always next week. See you then!


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