Tuesday’s Tale, 9/5/17.


I know, I missed a week. Sorry about that, I know it’s becoming a habit. I’ll try to break it. But for now, five minutes on the clock and a disaster to write, so away we go!

He wasn’t proud of how he’d had to knock down or possibly even kill people to fight his way down the stairs, but without a mask of their own they were dead anyway, and he couldn’t let their current live and upright state kill him too.

The ones that recognized his pack and mask for what it was and tried to grab it away he showed no mercy to; desperation lent him the strength to fight them off. Once to the bottom of the stairs he vaulted off to the side and ran full tilt into the pitch black tunnel.

He was counting on all the trains being stopped of course; if even one were still going in this tunnel, for any reason, he was dead. But with the power cut due to massive seismic activity, it wasn’t likely.

Some people were following him; people from the subway itself or people who had followed him outside? Either way, there were around a dozen, and he couldn’t risk it; he whirled to face them.

Alright, this week is in the can; total time is five minutes even. See you next time!


3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tale, 9/5/17.

    • Sure is. the older posts are all earlier chapters… or other small flash tales. the entire focus of the blog is to experiment and see how minimalist I can be, and how long it takes me to paint a scene. Then I build on it and go from there. There is no planning involved either; with no plot or script to adhere to the tale itself tells me where to go, week to week.

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