Tuesday’s tale, 8/22/17.


Alright, another Tuesday and another five minutes. Things are going to heat (heh) up!

The mask was barely on with its charcoal freshly replaced when the cloud billowed forth all at once and all around him, making it impossible to see.

He could still hear though, and most of what he could hear were screams and car wrecks. He hunkered down in a doorway for a five count and then got up and kept going; speed was the only thing that would save him now.

He made it to the subway in time, fighting his way through the crowd of people who were thankfully too blinded to see his mask. He debated trying to tell them not to go up, not to go into that… but there was no way he would be heard over the roar of other throats, and that of the breaking machinery below.

He wanted the others to clear, but there was no time; he set about clearing his path down.

And there we have it, five minuted elapsed. I didn’t do so well this time. Hopefully, next week will be better.


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