Tuesday’s Tale, 8/1/2017.


Alright, late night, got my coffee, my dog is asleep and I’m not. Time to get some writing in. Five minutes on the clock and away we go.

He was on his third straight pot of coffee and his secretary had long since gone home. He had told her before she left; she was efficient and pleasant to be around and deserved a fighting chance.

She had looked at him, then burst into tears and fled. He wished her well.

It was his second day with no sleep, and the phone numbers were beginning to blur. His cell had long since failed, it;s battery drained. The last call had been to his wife. The mother of his son also deserved a fighting chance, fairness be damned.

He was on the phone, reiterating to some small town local police chief in Texas he hadn’t caught the name of that, yes, the order to evacuate was legitimate and it was time to leave even if he had to lead his entire town across the border into Mexico when it happened.

He felt the shaking through his feet, and even if he hadn’t, the pictures falling from the walls would have given it away. His phone call abruptly cut off.

Can anyone guess yet? If so let me know. Total time spent, four minutes 58 seconds. See you next week!