Tuesday’s Tale, 7/25/2017.


Well, no one guessed. That’s fine because I have another installment regardless. I’m not sure this one will clear anything up yet, however. Another five minutes on the clock, and away we go!

“Sir, you need to evacuate. It’s a plan Zeta situation.”

At first, he was calm. “Evacuate what, the city?”

“No sir,” Smith answered. “You need to evacuate the country. And you also need to inform Canada to start their Zeta protocol as well.”

“It’s… that? Not just a dirty bomb threat?”

“Yes Mr. President, I’m afraid so.”

“Not a drill or a sick joke?”

“No, Mr. President,” Smith replied. “I’ve been over the data sent to me twice now. I can forward it….”

“But time is wasting. Alright, forward the data and then focus on the western seaboard. I’ll notify our allies and get all the balls rolling.”

“Thank you, Mr. President.”

“If this turns out to be a false alarm, you’re going to be drilling ice cores in Alaska.”

“If this is a false alarm, Mr. President, I’ll be happy to.” The phone went dead and Smith eased it back on the cradle before pulling out his cell and starting to speed dial his list.

There would be death, regardless of what he did, but seconds mattered.

And there we have it! Anyone have an idea of what’s going on now? Let me know if you do, and see you next week!


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