Tuesday’s tale, 4/25/2017.


I will eventually stop sucking.

But for now, time to write another bit. Five minutes on the clock and away we go:

The drone found the pirates right where I expected them to be; taking to the air looking for me. The problem with this was my own ship to ship weapons weren’t the best; I was a company scout craft after all. My best defense was to run.

No running now though; if they caught me taking off I’d likely die. I was a fair pilot, but there was only so much I could do.

I wasn’t out of options yet though. All I needed was for them to cross over to scan my new crater home. And there they were, right on time….

So I activated my communications buoy array. The buoy array fired a small communications signal booster out of a small rail cannon. It wasn’t normally enough to do much, but if the buoy itself had its payload altered, say with a highly volatile acid used normally used for engine cleaning. In its concentrated form, it would eat through the sturdiest of ship hulls; I would miss it long term, but if I lost here I wouldn’t have a long term.

And that is it for the week. See you next one… unless I’m sick again.


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