Tuesday’s Tale, 4/11/2017.


I almost didn’t make it this time – I’m typing this one from bed. But at least I’m typing it! Five minutes on the clock, and away we go!

The pirates hadn’t figured it out. Oh, they had to know I was still alive since there had been no explosion or cloud of ship debris on their sensors… but they didn’t know where I was. And with no drones left, they would have to do the dangerous thing and check for themselves.

Nestled into the soft dirt of one of the new craters as I was, I was well hidden. Ready and waiting.

The experience hadn’t hurt my passengers much if any, and the opening of the door had proven an enlightenment of sorts. They had rushed out into their own air only to stop in what could only be shock at the devestation.

Then they flew off to greener pastures; I wished them well, for any contact with me was probably detrimental to their health. As for me, I had some pirates to hunt – and a drone of my own left to do it with.

And that’s it for this week! See you next time, and have a nice night!


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