Tuesday’s tale, 3/14/2017.


Still considering that consolation prize. Does anyone out there in reader-land have ideas? For now, five minutes on the clock and chicken parmesan in the oven!

With his new allies and the pirate’s best trump card removed from play, he found cleaning up a snap. There would be time to salvage everything still usable later, but for now, he had to make sure his ship as secure.

The little insect escort followed him, even going so far as to hitch a ride on his vehicle. He let them. Proper communication could come later – as long as they weren’t throwing pointy sticks at him or something, all was well.

His ship was still landed where he parked it, which was a good sign. There were two pirate rovers near it, which was not. There was no chance for stealth this time; if he saw them, they had to see him. The only wild card was how many of his traps had worked.

And that’s it for this week, a full five minutes even spent on this bit. See you next week, or sooner if I figure out what I’m going to do to make up for my shoddy health.