Tuesday’s tale, 1/24/2017.


Another Tuesday, another five minutes, and away we go!

They did split up. In a way, it was almost flattering. Two full rovers sent after him, and only one rover peeled off to find his ship.

He couldn’t worry about it, there were almost a dozen coming his way, piled onto their transportation in a top-heavy way that would make the rovers flip if forced to corner. Fortunately for them, even at the vehicles max rated speed, there was no way such a thing would prove necessary. He wished for some of the old rockets he used to pack in the war, before he drove all such thoughts from his mind.

He made sure his pursuers saw him and drove off towards his ship. He would stop a few miles from it, and hopefully, the rover tasked with finding it would drive the other direction, assuming he would lead all pursuit away from it. The other pirates would either be dead, fled, or victorious, and in either of those circumstances finding his ship wouldn’t matter.

He’d have minutes; the rovers the pirates were using were actually faster than his own. It made a certain amount of sense; the pirates would modify them for speed. It would be a very straightforward fight, but at least he had the advantage of choosing the terrain.

He aimed the rover toward some large rocky outcroppings and tied the wheel. He had preparations he could make nonetheless.

And there we go. This time, I’m over. Five minutes, seven seconds. I know, I know, but you can’t win them all, I guess. See you next week!


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