Tuesday’s tale, 1/17/2017.


Alright, another Tuesday, another five minutes, you all know how this goes by now. Away we go!

There were three rovers on their way to him.

Oh, they weren’t headed directly to his ship, but they had clearly triangulated his activities closely enough that they had an idea. If he wanted to save his ship at all, he had to take a huge risk and leave it.

Before he did, however, he took a few emergency supplies and stashed them far enough away from ground zero that if the pirates took off and shot up his ship he’d have a fallback option.

Then it was time to go and meet his new neighbors. With luck, he’d be able to make them permanent residents, a six foot home for each of them, complete with gravestones.

Without the chance to seed the ground to advantage ahead of time, though, that was going to be a little tricky. Their rovers would give their presence away, allowing him to track them easily, but then so would his. He couldn’t take the chance of the group splitting up and sneaking by, though, so going on foot was out. The drones he had would be able to track the move, but they were no substitute for the lack of manpower he had.

He had faced worse odds, however, in the war; this was nothing.

Perhaps he should let them split themselves up after all; a risk within a risk. Betting the countermeasures on his ship can prevent it from being stolen long enough for him to mop up any smaller group sent after him. He’d have to be very fast, any pirates operating all the way out here would be competent at the very least.

If they gave him the option, he would take it.

And that’s it for this week! I was feeling it; elapsed time is 4 minutes and 11 seconds. See you next week!


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