Tuesday’s Tale, 1/10/17.


Alright. I’m here and ready to go. Five minutes on the clock and right to it:

The evidence of intelligent life on the planet changed literally everything. there were plans and contingencies in place for such a thing, as well as laws. As soon as the latest message he fired off reached civilized space, a contingent of space marines on a long-term mission ship would be dispatched to keep an eye on things. Such a ship was more than enough to handle even a small band of pirates on its own, and any development will be careful, instead of strip mining or planet cracking.

He sent the message. The pirates would likely be able to trace it now, but it didn’t matter. The marines would be too late in any case. He would have to take care of this little problem himself.

With his drone actively hunting other drones and patched into his ship’s sensors, it was unlikely the pirate’s drones would get close enough to him for them to line up a shot, but he prepped the engines just in case. It would be easier to spot his ship if they took off, but he would be able to take off at a moment’s notice as well and they had landed far enough away that they couldn’t detect it – the curvature of the planet blocked it.

He set about arming his remaining drone; a stripped down mining laser would do nicely.

And that’s it for this week! See you next time, and enjoy your week!


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