Tuesday’s Tale, 1/3/2017.


First one of the new year! Five minutes on the clock, and away we go.

His drone lost an engine but survived. The pirate drone lost everything and did not. He barely managed to keep his own machine from hitting the little insects as they buzzed in place.

He did not look at where the enemy drone fell; there would undoubtedly be more casualties. This attack thwarted, he tasked the drone to return and looked for the others. There was no way the pirates wouldn’t notice this and chalk it up to deliberate enemy action. If they thought this one was simple drone failure, losing the other drones would make the situation clear.

He sent his armed drones out, on remote seek and destroy.

Sorry, not much for this update. My heart wasn’t in it… perhaps I’ll write another mid-week as an apology.

See you next week or earlier!


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