Tuesday’s Tale, 12/20/2016.


Another Tuesday, another five minutes, and another story update! Diving right into the action:

The pirates definitely suspected foul play, and might even suspect the source. He woke to several drones flying the surface of the planet, looking for threats. All of those drones were far enough away that his ship wasn’t detected, but two were close enough that his passive radar and IFF system pinged immediately.

He powered everything non-essential down until he could determine the flight paths, and launched his own drone. He didn’t have as many as the pirates did, but his were smaller and in better shape, so he was able to use his to ghost behind the nearest pirate drone.

He found it using a flamethrower to burn plant and animal life indiscriminately.

This was their big plan? Even if they destroyed all the life they found, they couldn’t remove all evidence of its presence. Were they high?

Perhaps they were trying to bait him out?

He watched as the drone got to a patch of plant life that he would almost call trees. He saw something on one, some kind of thing. A structure he would almost call a house.

He saw two bugs, much like the wasp things he’d encountered earlier, but not quite. they had something vaguely stick like in their small clawed hands. He zoomed in. Spines, like the ones on the poisonous plants he’d found. they were wearing something that looked suspiciously like clothes.

Their young were running, already taking off in zig-zagging flight. The larger ones were staying behind. One threw it’s spine at the drone. Of course, that did nothing.

Right then. He rammed his drone into the other.

…and that’s it! See you next week!


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