Tuesday’s tale, 12/13/2016.


Alright, another Tuesday, and hopefully by now you all know what that means. Five minutes are up and away we go!

He lay there, his own traps both high and low tech set, his ship camouflaged with a chameleon tarp. For all that he wanted it, he couldn’t justify hiding a camera on the pirate’s rover to capture the moment of discovery.

But still, waiting for them to discover him was tense. All they would need was a rocket; just one rocket.

The latest round of lab tests chimed pleasantly, finished, and at the same time the message from base came in: “Reinforcements en route, claim recognized, stay safe.”

If he died the company would lose the claim.

The tests revealed the life on the planet found so far was complex, at least a 3 on the Desette scale. The insects showed signs of development in response to plant threats, and the plants showed the same in response to the insects.

In some of the insects was something that could be blood, from other animals. He set the computer to build a profile while he tried to sleep.

And that’s it for now. Elapsed time is four minutes and thirty-eight seconds. See you next week!


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