Tuesday’s tale, 12/6/2016.


Alright, another week and I’m here! Such a sight is getting rare anymore, I admit… I’m going to have to work on that. But for now, five minutes on the clock and away we go!

He considered stripping their rover of all easy to carry valuables it housed; some of those parts would come in handy, and even pirates knew to keep their gear in good condition.

But it would be worth more, in shock value alone, if he just let the rover and bodies be found intact. It would get these pirate claim jumpers thinking; hopefully thoughts of mortality. With luck, once he erased his trail they wouldn’t be able to find it and realize what happened; having the enemy think something local killed their men could only help him.

He doubted any of them had crime scene investigation or proper medical training, and the darts fired had been organic in nature; a kind of bone, grown in a small chamber for the purpose of warfare, and still technically alive. A little too uniform, but that wasn’t the sort of thing someone without training could just pick up on. Especially if one did not have an electron microscope or medical biohazard scanning bed.

He brushed his own footprints out, gathered as many of the mine fragments as he could quickly, and buried the rest; if someone could find them now, they deserved to find them. He would see next time, of course; if they were ready for him, they had found something.

He drove out carefully, sticking to the hard unyielding rock he had drove in on.

And there we go, that’s it for this week! Time was five minutes even. See you next time!


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