Tuesday’s tale, 11/29/2016.


Otherwise known as the “no longer sick” post. I wish the engineers and other brightest minds out there would hurry up with the cybernetics, I’m getting tired of my current body. But enough of that, it’s time to get back into the swing of things; five minutes on the clock, and away we go!

The medic’s first mistake was to drag their point man; he couldn’t have lifted him, but leaving him there and getting their rover was probably the best option.

Dragging just meant that when the body hit the hidden pressure plate, missed the first time, both the injured person and the medic got aa full dose. The medic went down with shredded legs, and well, the point man had gone from ‘probable kill’ to ’emphatic yes’.

The last man standing ducked behind the biggest rock near him, just as predicted, trying to scan both the ground and the surrounding area.

He couldn’t see the other man’s eyes widen as he realized where the trap was, but he could imagine it. A puff of dust later, and it was all over.

By the time he managed to wind his way down, the medic had stopped screaming, so he went to the man who took cover first; the dart launcher he buried in the sand had actually been enough to breach his suit and air hose both. Talk about shoddy construction. He grabbed the body and worked it around the other traps in his improvised minefield, and placed the pirate in the back of his rover.

The medic was likewise dead, with a tourniquet around one remnant of a leg, and another out. One tough mother, that was for sure. He decided the medic would be given the driver’s seat for that, and put them there.

The point man got shotgun.

When he got back, some of the local wildlife was sampling the blood and flesh; nothing he could do about that now, but hope they didn’t get a taste for it. or the diseases didn’t wipe them out or something.

And there we are! five minutes, 300 words; not too shabby. See you next week!


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