Tuesday’s tale, 11/15/2016.


Alright, another Tuesday (if a late one) and another snippet. Five minutes on the clock, and away we go!

Amateur hour started when the one taking point got close enough to his first trap; the computer read the conditions of an unfriendly suit nearby and triggered the explosive it was next to. The effect was immediate; with a muted whump he heard from his perch, hundreds of small pointed shards flew in all directions.

A good fifty or sixty at least found their target, and with that many holes ripped in his suit, even if he was still alive, he was likely dead. The fates looked kind to him, however; he dropped instantly and did not move.

His friends reacted better than he expected; one set up in a covered location while the other went to the aid of their fallen.

Blood was already staining the suit and the ground; it looked pretty pointless, but the newly dubbed medic didn’t give up, slapping quick patch on all the holes he could find in both the man and the suit.

Ugh, that’s it for this week too; following the rules sucks, I had more. Maybe next time. See you then, hopefully!


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