Tuesday’s tale, 11/8/2016.


Well, this is Tuesday and vote day. I hope everyone voted, because I did, and you should all probably work against me if possible. Five minutes on the clock, and away we go:

He was waiting when they arrived at the first metal deposit. There were three of them, in a rover with a very large engine and even larger cargo bay. He snorted; the thing looked like one of those old internal combustion pickup trucks one saw in old movies.

His own rover was parked behind him, behind an outcropping his soon to be victims likely wouldn’t check. He was stomach down behind another such spur of rock, binoculars out and trained on the site. He knew it would be too good to pass up; which made it perfect to trap.

As expected, they were lax. Oh they still had their weapons out and were looking around, but they didn’t fan out much and it was clear they hadn’t used any surface scanning equipment to try and find him. They didn’t expect much from only one man, it seemed.

That made them amateurs.

And that’s it; Time is at 5 minutes exactly. I didn’t get as much as I wanted, but I guess I can’t win all the time. See you all next week!


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