Tuesday’s Tale, 11/01/2016.


Alright, Halloween is over and I’m sad to see the season go; at the same time, I’m happy I survived another one. So, five minutes on that clock, and we continue where we left off in September:

He panned across the plain, his helmet’s optics doing the work of binoculars, even rubbed dirty as it was.

there were more than he’d originally thought there could be; fifteen, by eyeball and comms count. They were currently spreading out and setting up sensors, securing the area.

It wouldn’t do to be seen, or worse, try anything now. They were too alert and would be on him in seconds. He had even spotted the tell-tale shape of fragmentation grenades carried by a few of what clearly had to be pirates; he wasn’t even dealing with run of the mill claim jumpers here, just the dregs.

It was disappointing, but not anything he hadn’t faced before. Even calculating the landing had been easy; they had just chosen the laziest spot to touch down at, very close to the richest ore deposits. As expected; it was a pity he hadn’t had time to seed the site beforehand with some surprises.

He grinned. He would just have to have his fun with those surprises elsewhere.

And there we have it, this week’s instalment, which took 4 minutes and 39 seconds. See you later, party people!


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