Tuesday’s Tale, 10/25/2016.


Well, next week October will be done. So I think I’m going to go ahead and finish the little ghost story I had started. If you want to add something after sansei, I don’t mind, but I think this will be the end for me. (For those of you who don’t know, I’m talking about my partner in crime for this little tale,

And now, on with the show! Can I complete it in five minutes? Let’s find out!

He saw it was the previous owner, the one who had hanged himself, just as the stories had said! With camera four down he still had one active camera covering the stairs. He should have the evidence he needed – if he could survive the next five minutes.

He was able to physically grab the jaws, which was amazing in more ways than one; he was actually touching a ghost, and he was able to keep the ghost from tearing out his jugular as it lunged. Then between one breath and the next, the ghost was gone.

He took a few scratches but managed to get up, broken ankle and all, and hobble to the living room; his assistant was there.

Standing in front of a table, a bottle in hand, drunk as a lord. He frowned; drinking could only skew the results, what was he doing? He was muttering something, and staring fixedly at a specific patch of floor.

“I should have gotten here sooner. I’m sorry, William. I’m so so sorry.”

The patch of floor was scrubbed clean in a way the rest of the floor wasn’t, but a few traces of the chalk outline could still be seen.

“At least you did it, William. Even if no one believed you, your death showed everyone that ghosts were real. The footage faked, my ass! I wouldn’t even know how to fake that!”

He subsided and took a long pull from the bottle of vodka. The ghost appeared, next to William, and grinned.

And that’s it! Small confession, I went two seconds over. so 5:02, just this once. See you in November!


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