Tuesday’s Tale, 10/18/2016.


Alright, so bet everyone thought I forgot or something? Surprise, I didn’t! Five minutes on the clock, and the spookiness continues. I’m also continuing the challenge thrown down by sanaseilife at https://sanseilife.wordpress.com/

The figure at the end of the hall rapidly resolved itself as something inhuman when it turned, all the bones cracking loudly like bundles of dry twigs as they bent in odd angles. The face, masked by long hair, had only one feature visible – a mouth that showed more in common with a shark than a human. Between one blink and the next, it was there, mere feet from him, well within range to do damage.

In spite (or maybe because) of his better judgement he was already back down the stairs, twisting an ankle painfully on the landing. Looking around wildly revealed no pursuit, from anywhere.

The camera was still out, though. He mounted the stairs again, cautiously… the hall was empty. The lights still sucked, but they seemed brighter. He brought out his temperature meter, and it read normal; consistent with his earlier readings. The EMF reader read normal too, just background stuff.

The camera was unplugged.

And that’s it, right at 5 min! see you next week!


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