Tuesday’s Tale, 10/11/2016.


Alright, I survived the first spooky week, so another installment: five minutes on the clock, and away we go!

At midnight there was nothing. At 12:01 there was nothing. He scanned the cameras, disappointed.

Then at 12:04 camera four, the one covering the upstairs hall, went out. Just cut completely to black, no picture at all. The other cameras were working fine, recording a whole lot of nothing for posterity. He shrugged; camera four was his oldest, and it probably just died from a loose connection or something, like the last four times. He really should just give in and buy a new one, but he simply didn’t have the cash.

If he didn’t find a ghost here, he’d have to sell all his gear anyway, just to pay bills; the life of a ghost hunter. The truth may be out there, but it hid itself well.

With a shrug, he got up. He had to let his assistant go, and the unpaid intern had a job and hadn’t made it here yet, if he was coming at all. So he was his own tech support, and finding out what was wrong with the camera fell on him.

The old house was barely lit, hailing from the days when light bulbs had been made like candle sconces, to replace candle sconces. He made his way carefully up the creaky old claustrophobic staircase the servants were to use; it was made for someone a foot smaller and fifty pounds lighter, ideally. He crested the landing and the ill-lit halway stretched before him.

And that’s it! exactly five minutes again, I’m getting better at judging that I think. See you next week!


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