Tuesday’s Tale, 9/20/2016.


Yes, I know, technically it’s no longer Tuesday. Blame my internet service provider. So, five minutes on the clock and away we go!

The first clue that things weren’t going to go as easily for him as he’d hoped, was the alarm. The alarm was an old-fashioned affair that made a lot of noise every time the radar achieved a solid lock on a ship while his own ship was landed. He rolled out of bed with a crash and looked at the display.

There shouldn’t be any sort of ship in system other than his, especially not now; the planet had been declared off limits pending investigation, and any investigation would use him since he was already here and a legal agent and scout.

But there was a ship. The radar was tracking course corrections. He flipped a switch and went dark before the other ship could scan and find him. The IFF didn’t show any registered legal number, which meant one thing; pirates. And not the fun kind from holo-vids or amusement parks.

The ship was big enough to hold a dozen comfortably, judging by the size; far larger and in all likelihood better armed than his ship. He didn’t want to try facing them in the air. But that meant he had to let them land.

And there you have it, conflict added to the tale. See you next week, internet willing.


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