Tuesday’s Tale, 9/13/2016.


On time and under budget this week. So, five minutes on the clock and away we go!

The message was waiting for him; the console blinking red. At least he had disabled the stupid chime it used; that noise was irritating. The message was a simple text one in a code used exclusively by the company he worked for; unless the code had been hacked, this was clearly from his bosses. What it wasn’t, was a surprise.

“Cease all further operations. Remain planetside pending review.”

Short, sweet, to the point, and covered their butts. Since it was likely he had already sent the samples and started the survey, they would have his data, and be able to point to the message as plausible deniability. He shrugged; they had done as much before, and it basically amounted to a paid vacation for him. If the legal wrangling with the conservators​ went on long enough the company would ship food and water to him as part of the deal, provided he didn’t move; if they won in court, then he secured first rights for them by landing first and squatting.

Since he was no off the clock, after a short nap he decided to go on a nature hike, purely on his own time and for his own reasons.

And that’s it, four minutes, thirty-six seconds. See you next week, and enjoy!


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