Tuesday’s Tale, 9/6/2016.


Rolling into September already; tempus fugit. Well, no one answered my question last Tuesday, and that makes me a bit sad. But the show must go on, so on we go: five minutes on the clock and a keyboard in front of me.

He found the deposits, right at the end of his buggy’s range, as planned.

What he hadn’t planned for was the sight down below. There were plants and animals down there, some type of grasses and maybe a reptile, some insects. He was no biologist but none of it looked very advanced to him; like something from the dawn of life on Earth, when creatures were just beginning to crawl up out of the oceans, only much smaller than that.

The biggest plant didn’t come up to his waist, and the biggest animal looked like some sort of unholy fusing of a snake and gecko, with a snake’s tail and gecko arms attached to a face dominated by a wide but thin mouth.

It wrapped it’s tiny hands around a cactus spine, as he watched, and slowly gummed it. Eating it? Something else?

That was a job for the science division. All he had to do was confirm the mineral deposits were there. This he did, recording the site and taking samples. Some of the animals capered around him, curious, but none approached close enough to be a threat.

The snake-gecko thing followed him as far as his buggy, then bolted when he started it up. He raised an eyebrow; it was electric, the noise wasn’t THAT bad. Everyone was a critic it seemed, even out here.

The ride back was uneventful, and his ship was where he left it. He breathed easier; his part in what was to come was basically over.

And that’s it this week, time is five minutes exactly. See you next time!


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