Tuesday’s Tale, 8/31/2016.


Yes, I know it’s late. It wasn’t me this time, but my internet. In fact, I’m still having issues. So for this week I thought I’d put space on hold, and instead remind everyone of what happens when I actually prepare things.

The only question was which tale best illustrates that; I’ve never been the most plan oriented writer – it’s just not my strength.

In all honesty, I’ve got nothing I’ve used more than a single notebook page for, planning-wise. So screw plan A and B, let’s go with C. Tell me, O blogosphere, how you plan for writing tales. Give me all the tips, and spill all your secrets. I promise I will bury them as deep as my public web page allows like a dragon hoarding its gold.

I can’t promise I’ll sleep on your treasure or try to eat hobbits, though; there are limits.

In all seriousness, tell me how you do what you do, I’m curious.


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