Tuesday’s Tale, 8/23/2016.


Alright, here we are again. Another Tuesday, another five minutes on the clock, and away we go:

A short controlled nap to keep him clear-headed​, and he was off again, this time on the buggy. While he preferred walking, the collapsible buggy could cover more ground, and he had obviously parked a bit farther away than he meant to. Those mineral deposits weren’t going to find themselves after all, and he was on the clock.

The message proclaiming life to be here wouldn’t have traveled a system over yet; And even if it had the corporation would still expect him to do his job. Not that he minded, of course, but he didn’t need another reprimand in his file, even if it was one he could contest and overturn.

The cactus was where he left it, and the faint dye marker was working, marking his trail in case someone else was dispatched and happened to find him. The first of the mineral deposits were only a hill over, sitting out in plain sight. what sort of seismic activity or planetary process would heave such precious metals to the surface, when normally they would be buried deep? Was the core of the planet unstable? The age of the planet pointed to ‘no’ if nothing else.

But that clearly left yet another mystery.

And time! Total time elapsed, five minutes on the dot. See you next week, and maybe then I’ll be over this thing I have.


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