Tuesday’s Tale, 8/16/2016.


Alright, another Tuesday, and another five minutes on the clock; let’s see how far we get, huh?

The telemetry lasted until he almost made it back to his ship; samples of new life were too important not to rush through processing, in his opinion. Mainly so that he could see what he was dealing with.

A quick check revealed some of the probes sensors had melted.So the sap or whatever it was wasn’t just a glue, it was caustic. He checked the sample container; it was holding.

He reached the ship airlock and keyed it, waiting impatiently for the machinery to cycle. Once in he all but threw his suit off and went through, hitting the decon button as an afterthought.

He didn’t stop until the samples were safely contained behind several different types of material resistant to caustics and acids.

Only once he was sure, did he pop the cap on some water and take a long drink. Climate control or not, with his life support lowered in his absence, the temperature had climbed.

Sorry, best I can do today; total time was five minutes. See you next week, and if you can, tell me what you think of this and the other story, the one I completed.


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