Tuesday’s Tale, 8/9/2016.


Been sick all week, so I haven’t done much lately. But, here it is Tuesday, and sick or not I’m not missing it. Five minutes are on the clock, and away we go:

The microprobe, basically an overly large robotic mosquito, was not standard issue. He had splurged his own discretionary fund for it because with the small backpack attachment full of them, he could not be placed in direct danger from any hostile life.

And usually immobile life was highly hostile; tree huggers got it wrong. Animals didn’t kill you nearly as much as poisonous plants did. So he had one pack of four, ready to go.

He used the hand controller to activate and send one. Normally they were too expensive, but with no activity and no animal life coming near, he was taking no chances. And he needed a sample to show the higher-ups or they wouldn’t take him seriously.

The flying syringe made its way to the cactus thing and landed without issue. It dipped it’s head and took its payload without an issue, but could not take off again. He turned the gain up to full power and tried again, and nothing. The engines and wings were working perfectly – he zoomed in on it with his visor.

The tiny legs/landing gear were caught in some kind of liquid; either sap or blood, and stuck fast. Dangerous indeed.

He launched another microprobe and sent the abort command to the first; the first microprobe shot the sample out of it’s ‘abdomen’ and he directed the second to catch it. He thought about sending the self-destruct command, but decided against it; he could still use the sensors and telemetry data from the probe, even stuck as it was.

And there you have it, right at five minutes. See you all next week.


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