Tuesday’s Tale, 8/2/2016.


Alright, the first Tuesday of August. A hot climate to be written about for a hot day! Five minutes on the clock and away we go:

He didn’t feel the heat of course, just like he couldn’t feel any cold on planets farther out. The ground was level and lifeless, but there was some liquid around; little puddles of ammonia or a mixed variant. He took samples using a probe, just to be safe. His rugged boots ate up the ground; he preferred to walk rather than drive, at least until he set up a reasonable perimeter and surveyed the surroundings.

He managed to make it five kilometers with no problem, just seeing the sights and enjoying the sunshine; sunlight was always better from a planet than in space itself.

Then he saw it.

A cactus. At least it looked like a cactus. It was a mushroom shape and had spines all over it, and was spitting some form of gas into the air from a hole in its cap. He sat back and watched, zeroing in with his helmet optics.

After a half an hour, he was reasonably sure that if the organism was dangerous, he would have seen something like that by now. It probably was dangerous, but not to the suit, at least not immediately. It was possible he had found the source of the ammonia puddles, but that paled in response to finding life itself; life was both more common and more precious than humans had first suspected. This planet just made the big time on the universal stage.

And that’s it, time elapsed is five minutes exactly. See you next week!


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