Tuesday’s Tale, 7/26/2016.


Alright, another Tuesday which means another part of the tale. That means more space! Who’s up for more space? Five minutes on the clock, and away we go.

There was nothing around his chosen landing site, of course, he preferred not to sandwich himself in by landing near mountains or strange jungles. Mountains had rockslides and strange jungles were often teeming with hostile life. So a desert was the best choice; with a climate controlled suit, and easy access to plentiful water, deserts had the least issues.

Of course, while miners could mine in a desert or badlands, and it was probably preferred, no colonist could live long in an alien desert; the amount of supplies needing to be dropped would be astronomically expensive. He snickered a little at his own joke as he stepped off the ship.

Nothing but sand and rock, strangely colored. Just the way he liked it.

Not a whole lot to go on, but meh; had some issues needing resolved when I sat down to write. (Isn’t that always what happens?) Time elapsed is four minutes and 59 seconds. See you next week!


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