Tuesday’s Tale, 7/19/2016.


Alright, Tuesday morning here. Finally got a story closed last week, written start to finish five minutes at a time. It won’t really stand up to a real book of mine (or anyone else)but for what it is, it’s a masterpiece.

So it’s time to do it all over again. This time with space. No title, because I suck at those and feel it is probably better to have you tell me what the title should be.

He checked the screens. The readout for SD-493 filled it much as the planet itself filled his unshuttered window. It was ugly, he decided: Vomit yellow and rust red, with only a few cumulus​ clouds to break the monotony. A fitting contrast to the data which showed one of the few planets capable of being terraformed to Earth standard completely, and rich in mineral resources including osmium, palladium, and iridium.

Chances were it had a few other rare metals too, just not in large enough quantities to scout out from orbit. If it wasn’t a system glitch from the probe, just having the first three in the quantities recorded was enough to justify a full colony.

The planet had a layer of rock, that much he could tell from here, which meant the rig he used to surf gas giants wasn’t needed here. He sent down a more specialized probe; better to do things by the book than rush in and die to something unforeseen but easily discovered; The Carter Trust had lost a new kid last week to some cave-in or something on Antilles Prime, and that was a known world. SD-493 was well and truly out in the boonies.

….And that’s it. Five minutes exactly, give or take a fraction of a second. Enjoy, and see you next week.


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