Tuesday’s Tale, 7/12/2016.


Alright, so here we are. Another Tuesday, another five minutes on that clock in the corner. And away we go!

“Josh, can you stand?” She asked.

He muttered something vaguely positive and stood, using the chair as a makeshift cane. Mook number two moved but the gun was on him before he could do more than sway.

“Put the sandwich down on the couch, and then back away.”

Josh wasn’t going to be running out of here; the thought made her angry. How dare that man touch him! he was hers! That seemed an odd thought, but there was no time to worry about it.

“Take your shoes off, and use your laces to bind each other’s feet.”

With a shrug they did so.

“Take your ties off, and you, bind his hands behind him.” Mook number one did as ordered. That just left him.

She gave the gun to Josh – it didn’t matter how steady he was, now, at this range he’d have to be blind to miss the shot – and carefully crossed the distance. Using mook number two’s freed tie, she bound mook number one’s hands behind him. He didn’t move at all during the process. she then gagged both with a sock from the other’s foot. They did not like that at all.

They must be thinking they will get reinforcements and track us down after we leave the suite, she thought. It was what she would do.

On the way back to Josh she snagged the sandwich and stuffed it in her mouth. Josh looked at her incredulously, but she was hungry, and steadying him would need both hands; she wasn’t as strong as she used to be.

“Ready Josh?”

He nodded.

She placed him at the side of the door to the hall and opened it. Then she fired two shots with her new gun. Grabbing Josh as the sound of running steps hit her ears, she made sure both of them were invisible.

As the guards from the hall burst through the door, she led a very quiet Josh past them and into the hall, and to the now cleared elevator. They got in and simply rode it down to the lobby. The elevator stopped once, but the appropriated security code she had started it up again. She spent extra time weaving an illusion, and by the time the elevator reached the ground floor they were a young couple leaving for a day of urbane adventure.

“So Josh,” She asked as the warm night air hit them in the face like a humid punch, “how’d you like to be a master thief?”

He grinned at her.

That’s it, the finish of this little piece of weekly flash. Time is actually a bit over five minutes because I wasn’t going to stop (five minutes, 49 seconds) until it was done. If you like what you see here, please visit my new Patreon at


And next week, I’ll start a new tale. I don’t know, I’m thinking something space-y.


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