Tuesday’s tale, 7/5/2016.


Oh crap, It’s actually Tuesday again! I almost let this one pass me by. S five minutes on the clock and away we go. This is probably the second to last one for this mini-tale; if you’ve missed any or are coming into this now, the past Tuesday posts are where to go to get all of it.

She sidled closer to mook number 1. “Did he say anything yet?”

“Not much; he’s mumbled a few insults but nothing concrete. I thought you were going to bed, Mr. Simms?”

Oh, he was suspicious. Well while she thought that was cute, it was also too late. She was close enough and she lunged, going low, knocking his feet out from under him in a textbook tackle that didn’t do much more than make him stumble, her slight weight working against her.

However her nimble hands had already found his gun, and when she went down, gravity helped her draw it. She rolled away before the mook could re-engage.

She had the hammer cocked and a bead on his head before he could complete his lunge. “Not bad,” he admitted, grudgingly she thought.

She could afford to be magnanimous. “You either. What gave me away?”

“You seemed pretty spry for Mr. Simms. That and while you had the anger down, you were a little on the informal side. But mostly it was a body language thing.”

He was very good, to have noticed all that in a minute or two. “so what happens now? You or your partner going to try to cause me trouble?” She motioned him away from Josh and began untying him with one hand.

Mook number 2 chose that moment to enter the room; he wasn’t as good as number one since both hands were full of sandwich. She swung the gun between them. “Get over next to your buddy, right now. and don’t drop the sandwich.”

It looked good; ham and pastrami on rye with swiss.

And that’s it! Five minutes even, no wasted time, and see you next week!


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