Tuesday’s Tale, 6/21/2016.


Alright, another Tuesday and all of you know what that means. Here we go!

The bed was very soft, she noted; an air bed of some kind. This proved to be important, as laying on one side didn’t affect the other. A light touch on Simm’s hand was as far as she could bring herself to go, but it was enough. Instantly she could see his eyes start moving in the back and forth manner of REM sleep.

She had done that, but she didn’t know how; it was instinct.

He was dreaming of her now, she knew; and the energy, that wellspring of power that allowed her to do the things she could do – that was recharging the more he did.

She even knew a bit of what the fool was dreaming of. It made her a little ill, but it also excited her. What excited her more was the energy itself; he was full of it. Before she knew what she was doing, she kissed him, lightly.

He wrinkled like a prune in the sun, and almost died in an instant.

Alright, time is five minutes even. Again, I didn’t get as much down as I wanted, but those are the rules. See you next week!


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