Tuesday’s tale, 6/7/2016.


Alright, another Tuesday, another blurb. Won’t be long now until this one is over. Five minutes on the clock.

She woke to voices; voices she recognized. A brief bit of vertigo, a little shame for actually falling asleep while Josh was in enemy hands, and she refocused. Simms was one of the voices she recognized. The doctor was the other, and the last was Josh. Funny; he didn’t sound in distress. He did sound angry, though.

She checked her reserves of that strange energy she used while listening in. It was low – too low for much of what she could do.

“What makes you think she’s dumb enough to come here? She’s probably long gone.” Josh all but yelled.

“You, of course. Our dear target knows you, trusts you over many others currently, and needs you. This all but ensures it will come to us, and when it does we will be ready. You need not be uncomfortable, however. Please, sit, eat.” Simms responded.

She couldn’t hear what the doctor said with the door closed; he was whispering. But she heard someone eating. She hoped it was Josh. The melange of scents resolved into five people; Simms, Josh, and the doctor… as well as the two guards that almost caught her earlier.

She needed a plan. At least they didn’t know she was here.

And this is a good stopping point; sorry. Time is four minutes, 57 seconds (mainly because real life intruded for a minute). See you next week!


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