Writer’s Quote Wednesday, 5/25/2016.


Another week, another Quote, this time, the new way:

It was voting day. He shook his head; he was being voted in again. Steward, the benevolent​, dictator of the decade. It was all but a landslide before the actual vote was cast; today it was a forgone conclusion.

Steward had abolished several rights, ballooned the nation’s debt, and made several nations his enemies with shortsighted policies. And yet, the man was well liked. He pondered the famous words of Voltaire​ as he cast his vote against, knowing it was futile:

“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” -Voltaire.

He was attacked on his way home from the voting booth for not voting the correct way. He died in the hospital not a week later, during the swearing in ceremony.

Alright, not my best work, but hey, I tried. Who else likes dystopias? As always, this is for Silver Threading at:

Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Freedom”

See you next week!


7 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday, 5/25/2016.

    • Yeah I debated the last line, but the entire blurb is a throwaway to me, so I finally just stopped debating and said screw it.

      Maybe if I actually write the universe, I’ll do it better.

      • In one paragraph, you created a screwed up world with a bent politician, bent on self destruction and then he’s assassinated by one of his own victims, for his negative actions. Loved it.

  1. Wow! You captured my sentiments with your words and that quote. I’m still in shock by the way the votes turned out for the candidates for presidency (not that we had anything great to choose from). Sadly, it seems that the world is full of masochistic fools. 😦

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